This website tries to collect information about Free Software and Accessibility (Software for handicapped people)

The information on this website are in English (or something similar, please excuse my bad English but it should become better day by day).

Leute, die nur Deutsch verstehen, sind herzlich eingeladen, mich per Email ( zu kontaktieren.


Monday 13/Sep/2004 -- I'll hold a presentation about Free Software for handicapped people in Brig (Switzerland). More information (German only).

Monday 13/Sep/2004 -- aKademy Interview: Lars Stetten About Unix Accessibility





GNOME-accessibility-devel mailinglist

GNOME-accessibility-list mailinglist

KDE-Accessibility mailinglist

Mozilla-Accessibility mailinglist

Emacspeak mailinglist


Gnopernicus - A Screen-Reader, Braille Display and Magnifier not only for GNOME

The homepage of the Mozilla Accessibility Project

Oralux - The Audio GNU/Linux distro (Live as in Knoppix) for vision impaired persons